I got Snake Eyes (piercing)

I just got snake eyes last week (tongue piercing) and when my brother saw it he asked me “WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND PIERCINGS?” since i already have a total of 15 piercings. (7 on my left ear, 5 on my right, including one tragus piercing, a belly ring and now, two tongue rings)  Well frankly im just not sure why i like them since everyone thinks “What’s so fun about getting needles pocked into your skin?” Well it all started when i was seven and i got my second ear lobe piercing. I’m not going to lie, I was shit scared. The strange this about me was i always hang out with people  who are much, much older than me say around 16 and 17 and perhaps I grew up wayyyy too fast and although i was strong willed, i suddenly got sequaciouss at that time and had them convince me to get my lobes pierced, since most of them already had a lot of piercings.

So as I watched the piercer preparing his materials, the only thing going through my mind was “Why am i doing this?” and “WTF got into me?” So as the needle was about to go through my skin, my hearts was pounding soooooooo fast, and the adrenaline rush was unbelievable but when it went through, i didnt even feel a thing. I was a real wuss but after that, somehow I became all brave and i started doing flying trapeze and bungee jumping. I guess it kind of brought the dare devil out of me, and ever since ive been doing the craziest crap u could imagine.

So lets go back to the snake eyes. To all you who have questions, feel free to ask, since the stupid web dosen’t have that much info on it. For the first week, It drove me crazy, since i sounded like a drunk idiot with that lisp it gave me. I also couldn’t eat right but no one and I mean no one, not even a fucking tongue ring can get in the way of my eating. So even though it did kind of hurt, I still ate as much as i could eat even though it bothered me. I was also the same way with my first tongue ring, or the regular one in the middle. People tend to ask me “Which one hurt more?” my answer: THE SNAKE EYES. So my suggestions when it comes to getting tongue rings, is eat as much as u can before you get it. I used to know a certain someone who get it while she was shit hungry and well she passed out from being so scared, and almost forgot, here’s a picture of my tongue ring.

(I put the heart thing on my face because i had a zit on that very spot haha)

Here’s a photo of my belly ring too:

Yes I love butterflies

So my belly ring was the least painful piercing, and the most annoying, since it kept getting caught on my sweaters, and even got infected and took like 3 months for the infection to get better but just seeing those cute dangly bell rings just makes me forget about the crap i had to put up with it so for those who just got it, BE PATIENT and DONT CHANGE IT BEFORE 6 MONTHS. I rlli must emphasize this because I know you can get very tempted when seeing cute belly rings on the net and in stores so for anyone planning to get any piercings, think about it and make sure your parents actually allow you to get them, because if something seriously goes wrong, your going to have to confront them and get them even more pissed since you didn’t say anything. Luckily for my though I dont live with my mom, and my brother doesn’t mind as long as its not on my face or anywhere too exposed.

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20 Responses to I got Snake Eyes (piercing)

  1. Jessy Jo says:

    Hey! I just got my snake eyes done. I’m not really in any pain, just when I eat because I keep biting on the ball by accident and I’m afraid it will chip my tooth. 😦 Did this happen to you? Did this stop happening after the swelling went down? Did you get a shorter bar after the swellling went down? Please tell me!

    • goldiedc says:

      hello there and I had the same problem too at first and its a matter of remembering u have snake eyes and acknowledging its there because if u dont actually try to think about it ud chip ur tooth and i think the bar u have right now is the initial size for snake eyes

      • cuba says:

        ummm, i really want the snake eyes piercing but i do not want to go through the pain =( can i do it drunk?

    • goldiedc says:

      No u should definitely not get any piercing or tattoo drunk, it actually maximizes blleding

  2. Saam says:

    what would happen to my snake eyes if they were infected??

  3. tania says:

    So i really want this piercing right but i went to a piercing shop and the guy tells me thats its very dangerous many things can go wrong and blah blah he just scared me not to get it. can it really affect me that bad?

  4. ashley says:

    okay so i want this so bad im pretty good with pain ive had my eyebrow ears tragus belly button my monroe my nose and my lip 3 times lol im not really woriid about that im just worried of the dangers i cant find anyinfo n i wanna know wich one is more dangerous i also heard that after a while it will grow out of ur tounge i would be pissed if that happened ive had my regular toungue ring for five yrs so lol whatever info u have will help

  5. dan says:

    I got it yesterday and Ive read snake eyes are more prone to migrate since its in the surface. The thing is that I wanted the regural one and the piercer was a total asshole and did the snake eyes thing without even asking me what I really wanted. Its funny cause I liked them when I noticed it wasnt the regular one. But now im scare that it wont last since is more prone to rejecting and I really like them, so what should I do ?

  6. i wanna do the snake eyes but i dont wat type of tonge ring or eye brow one to buy?

  7. Wendy says:

    How Bad Did The Snake Eyes Hurt ?

  8. Nique Rochelle says:

    do you still have it?

  9. Dyanna says:

    heyy ilove your piercings iwas just wondering since you have a regular tongue piercing too how far away is it from the tip of your tongue ? Iwanna get snake eyes but I have a short tongue and ialready have a regular tongue piercing it’s about an inch or 1/2 away from the tip of my tongue

  10. Michelle says:

    How many day or week or months does the snake eyes heals ?

  11. Tash says:

    Hey do I’m planning to get the snake eyes piercing any ways I could hide them from my parents ?

  12. jazmin says:

    have you had any problems w. it?
    damaged teeth, etc.

  13. mia says:

    are you suppose to use a straight bar or a curved one because my piercer gave me a curved one but i’ve herd supposedly it isnt good to have a curved one..?

  14. Alexia says:

    Planning on getting this piercing and wanted to know if your talking went back to normal after a while , or do you still sound funny?

  15. marlene says:

    I got snake eyes done 3weeks ago & I love it however recently I got a bad cold & it swell up again maybe because I play with it loool but I’m not sure ,I still talk funny :S did you? but suprisingly none of my family have noticed!

  16. yadira says:

    hello i was thinkin of gettin snake eyes nd i was woundering how can u keep it clean pple say to use mouth wash or eat soup? and i really wanna get it. did it hurt a lot? nd how many weeks did it heal? and i like ur belly ring i have one too :D!

  17. jessica fermin says:

    Hi i just got my snake eyes , and i have the LISP haha when is the lisp gonna leave ?

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